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Breaking a Contract in Taiwan: What You Need to Know

Entering into a contract is a serious commitment, whether it involves a business deal or personal agreement. While everyone hopes to fulfill their obligations as agreed upon, unforeseeable circumstances can arise. In Taiwan, there are laws and regulations that govern the process of breaking a contract. As a professional, this article will provide you with the essential information you need to know about breaking a contract in Taiwan.

Reasons for Breaking a Contract

There are several reasons why people may need or want to break a contract. They may, for example, find it difficult to meet the terms of the contract or experience issues with the other party. In Taiwan, there are a few specific situations where breaking a contract is permissible. These include:

1. Breach of Contract: If the other party has failed to fulfill their obligations, you may be able to terminate the contract. It is important to note that the breach must be severe enough to warrant the termination.

2. Force Majeure: A force majeure clause is common in contracts and refers to events that are outside of human control or unforeseeable circumstances, such as natural disasters, war, or strikes. In such cases, either party may be able to terminate the contract.

3. Mutual Agreement: If both parties agree to terminate the contract, it can be done without any legal consequences.

The Process of Breaking a Contract

In Taiwan, contracts are generally governed by the Civil Code. If you need to break a contract, you should first review the terms of the contract to see if there are any specific provisions related to termination. You should also consider hiring legal counsel to ensure that you are taking the appropriate steps.

If you are terminating the contract due to a breach of contract or force majeure, you will need to provide written notice to the other party. This should outline the reasons why the contract is being terminated and the date on which it will end. If you are terminating the contract due to mutual agreement, this should also be done in writing.

In some cases, breaking a contract may result in legal action being taken. This could involve the payment of damages, compensation, or other penalties. To avoid such consequences, it is important to comply with all contractual obligations and seek legal advice if necessary.


Breaking a contract is not a decision that should be taken lightly. In Taiwan, there are specific reasons and processes for terminating a contract. By understanding the legal requirements and taking appropriate steps, you can reduce the risk of any negative consequences. As a professional, I hope this article has provided you with valuable information about breaking a contract in Taiwan.

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