Franck Kanga, aka MVTR Kenobi, makes a prominent mark of his in the world of music

He has risen to the top as a unique French music producer, DJ, and artistic director, thriving on his versatility as a music artist.

There are tons of talented beings working across varied industries around the world and proving their mettle by giving it their all in all that they choose to lay their hands on. Still, there are a few rare gems that stand distinctive from the rest for more reasons than one and prove to the world what it really takes to become one’s best version, even in overly competitive and saturated industries. When it comes to industries like music that overflows with established as well as emerging talents, people know how tough things can get to make it huge in the same. However, it is rising music professionals and artists like Franck Kanga, aka MVTR Kenobi, who has been making all of his look flawless.

Known by his stage MVTR Kenobi, he has done exceedingly well so far in his career, standing tall as a one-of-a-kind French music producer, DJ, and artistic director based in Paris. He confesses how, from a very young age, if anything that attracted his attention the most, it was all things music, and this made him feel passionate about making music and creating a career in the same. Diving deep into the industry, he chose to rise high and have the edge over others in music. Hence, he chose to excel at varied genres and gained massive versatility and music expertise over time, which gave him the opportunity to work with international artists excelling at genres like Hip-Hop, Soul, R&B, Baile Funk, House, and Afrobeat.

Being for over a decade in music making, MVTR Kenobi recalls how at the age of 7, he had begun his journey in music and the Jazz genre made him fall in love with music. He started playing the saxophone and, through the years, honed his skills in the same. Through all these years, MVTR Kenobi also built a repertoire of working with experimental sounds, bringing interesting snippets of sounds together to form a coherent track that is larger than life.

Currently, the passionate music artist, DJ, music producer, and artistic director is working on Amapiano sounds and is confident of its potential as a creative and genuine sound to take over the music world in the near future.

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