International fashion designer Justin Haynes of JUS10H wins the MTV Fashion Innovation Award for Men’s Wear

Thriving on two things, being classic and innovative, he has built incredible trends for men, and his latest collection is called B_E_X_L_E_Y.

Today, the world needs professionals, experts, and entrepreneurs across sectors that think beyond the conventional and have out-of-the-box ideas to thrive on. Most industries today are working as per the norms already set by the established names in those sectors; however, now is the time to bring about massive positive changes in them and inspire greatness to ignite the fire in other budding talents as well. Justin Haynes, the renowned international fashion designer, has done that and also made it look quite flawless, being a Custom Tailor and Fashion Lifestyle Icon while also being a passionate international fashion coach.

Justin Haynes recently made more name after winning the MTV Fashion Innovation Award for Men’s Wear. He confesses to having thrived on two things for the same, being classic and innovative, building incredible trends for men through his latest collection B_E_X_L_E_Y. Working around his innovative and cutting-edge ideas in fashion, he made sure to go beyond men’s classic colors in the international fashion game. He wanted to create designs that, on one end, can stun people and, on the other end, make them feel compelled to try them. This is how he came up with the idea of mixing streetwear and suiting into one. This caught the eye of Celebrity R&B and HIP-HOP Artists.

What has helped his brand JUS10H (https://www.jus10h.com/), brand stand so unique consistently in the world of fashion is that he and his team always make sure to come up with something new and refreshing, continuously creating unique pieces that effortlessly catch people’s eyes. Currently, Justin Haynes is working toward releasing his new winter collection SYMPHONY on 28th October 2022, which also happens to be his birthday, making the collection even more special.

This particular collection will be under his other incredible brand named ONYX luxury label and will be offered in colors like black, white, and pastel gray. Speaking on his newest collection, he highlights that he wants to merge the elegance of formal wear with the fun of casual wear and, yet again, turn many more heads around the world.

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