From Car Sales to Luxury Rentals: The Story of Alliance Trucks CEO Alexey Ivanov

Alexey Ivanov, a successful businessman and avid traveler, started his entrepreneurial journey in the car industry. As the owner and CEO of Alliance Trucks, he has grown his business to become the biggest in the Japanese and Korean market in Russia. With a revenue of $50 million, Ivanov has built a reputation for quality sales and exceptional service. His team of mechanics has even won national and international competitions for their professional skills.

However, Ivanov is not content with just dominating the car sales market. In 2022, he and his wife opened Alliance Parts, a car and spare parts distribution company in the United Arab Emirates. With their experience in the industry, they hope to expand to other markets as well.

In 2023, Ivanov is taking his business to the next level with the launch of Alliance Rental. This luxury transport aggregator app offers rentals for everything from Rolls-Royce taxis to private jets. Ivanov’s mission is not only to create a successful business but to leave a lasting impact on society and culture.

Carlton Brooks

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