Keeno Shaun Paul Wright’s impressive music talent gains him a humongous following

With over 60k followers, he is definitely marching ahead as a fine music artist out to conquer the world of entertainment.

The dream of conquering a specific niche and gaining a commendable position around that area is a difficult task to accomplish. But some talented individuals grasp the workings of the space they hold expertise in and make it big, like Keeno Shaun Paul Wright who has managed to create a strong foothold around the music sphere and is consistently outperforming his peers when it comes to presenting engaging music which clicks well with the audiences. Creativity needs to be unleashed at its full in order to gain a favourable position from where one can call the shots, and this powerhouse of talent has done that exactly, which is the reason he’s on a winning spree where his music is concerned as gaining a massive following of 60k is not an easy task to accomplish in such a short span of time which he has managed to, which is quite impressive.

This amazingly talented artist’s singing prowess was recognized much early in life, boosting his confidence to do much better going ahead, and prove himself well in his dedicated area of work, which was music. Born in Kingston, Jamaica, he moved to Canada at 14 where his struggle as a music artist initiated. His home country didn’t offer much opportunities, the reason he had to shift base to search for a career which he was always passionate about. Life was not a bed of roses for him, but that didn’t deter him from following his heart, which was hell-bent on establishing himself as a music artist. With time, he managed to gain entry into the big world of music where his talent was instantly recognized, catapulting his standing to the next level where he was able to stand shoulder to shoulder with other established artists.

Today, his music is all over major streaming platforms like Spotify, YouTube and many more. The turning point in his career according to him came when he posted a video on a popular app Vine in 2013, which became viral, gaining him a humongous following. At present, he rules Instagram where he has more than 60k followers which are growing by the day. Keeno is definitely one of the music artists who’s poised to rule the music industry in coming times, as his talent has proved his mettle as a music artist par excellence.

You Can Follow him on Instagram : @keenomuzik

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