Rising content creator Mohammad Shariq talks about the social media trends to follow in 2023.

He has made sure to create engaging content that has all the ingredients to become buzz-worthy on social media.

A lot has already been said about a few professionals who chose to build their own path to success instead of only imitating what other established names did in their industry. These individuals made sure to do things unconventionally to create their unconventional success and stand unique from their contemporaries and competitors. To do that, one must stay in sync with the changing times of their field and also follow the current trends, says Mohammad Shariq, a rising content creator in the digital world, who aims to do the same to build his prominence the highest in the industry.

The Delhiite, who is only 25 years of age, says that today content creators have realized the importance of staying relevant, and so they make sure to not just create regular content but that which is also educative or has a message. Hence, edutainment content has become a growing trend in 2023. People love to watch content that has hidden educative material behind them, and that makes them feel more engaged. 

Mohammad Shariq says that businesses and brands also put more effort into video production. Except for India, TikTok is still a raging platform in other parts of the world, and besides that, Instagram has excellent tools like reels and videos that have the power to touch the right chords with audiences. Also, more than pictures, videos have the capability to stay in people’s minds for longer. He also mentions how the creator economy will continue to rise this year as well. It must be noted that in 2022, influencer content was watched 13.2 times more than brand and media content. Marketers across industries have increasingly come forward to collaborate with creators to generate more engagement, reaching new audiences worldwide and strengthening communities.

In the constantly booming world of digital, technological advents like AI are already spilling their magic. The remaining year will also see exciting metaverse brand activations, where most marketers are already looking forward to investing in AR/VR/metaverse social strategies, Mohammad Shariq concludes.

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