THE UNUSUALS Drop Dominating Flavor in the Hip-Hop Kitchen with “Sweet Potatoes”

It’s no secret that the hip-hop world has been hungry for some old-school clarity in the storytelling, and there aint no doubt that Xperience and Ninjaface, the duo known as THE UNUSUALS, are doing just that. Straight outta the Pacific Northwest, they’ve been blazing a trail, mixing lyrical sagacity with flawless genre-bending experimentation.

Their latest joint, “Sweet Potatoes,” from their forthcoming full-length set for an early 2024 release, features the one and only Wordsworth and is like a full-course meal for your ears. Right from the jump, “Sweet Potatoes” grabs your attention, and don’t let go. The beats, the rhythm, the flows – it’s a thick, gumbo-like fusion of classic hip-hop, heavenly soul vibes, and pristine modern-day production. Beats hitting hard, melodies casting a spell – the perfect backdrop for THE UNUSUALS and Wordsworth to lay down their dominating lyrical game.

THE UNUSUALS ain’t playing when it comes to delivery. Each verse is laced with wordplay, mental metaphors, and that raw, catchy authenticity that we been missing from so much of today’s game. And then, they bring in Wordsworth, adding that extra layer of depth and lyrical prowess to the mix. “Sweet Potatoes” ain’t just a track; it proves to be a full-on collaborational masterpiece.


The chorus is fire – a catchy melody that’s gonna stay in your head long after the track fades. It’s proof that THE UNUSUALS know how to cook up the goods that get you thinking while keeping your head nodding. Xperience, one-half of THE UNUSUALS, breaks it down: “This track speaks about living in the age of consumerism and the never-ending chase of fool’s gold and idolizing those who have more than us instead of appreciating what we have. “It’s a soulful yet grimy take on the ups and downs of life and wanting to return to the simple things that are good for the soul: Sweet Potatoes.

As a hip-hop head, I gotta give legit props to THE UNUSUALS. “Sweet Potatoes” is like a culinary journey through their unique and diverse musical kitchen. It’s a testament to their ability to push the boundaries of hip-hop while honoring the true roots and origins of the game. We will be keeping a close watch on this crew of Unusuals and encourage you to do the same. Sweet Potatoes is now available on all streaming outlets around the world.

For more info, hit up management: Damon Moreno / Inner Light Agency [email protected]

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